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Employee Resources

Where can I obtain more information about a leave of absence and/or the Family Medical Leave Act? I may need to be out of work for an extended period due to a medical related situation for myself, an immediate family member or other qualifying event.

Click here for information/FMLA policy regarding Family Medical Leave (FML), such as eligibility, reasons for taking FML, and the steps that must be taken to apply for FML. We do not automatically designate leave as FML. Employees must complete and submit the FML application and medical certification forms within the required timeframe (15 days) to be approved for FML. Most states follow Federal FMLA guidelines, which provides up to twelve weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave and ensures continuation of existing health coverage to eligible employees who meet the requirements for taking the leave and follow the policy requirements. In states where the law extends the leave beyond 12 weeks, the state law would apply (example: Connecticut allows up to 16 weeks of unpaid leave). Please click to view the FMLA posting, a Leave of Absence Application and Certification of Health Care Provider Form (employee own, family member, military qualifying exigency, employee own covered military, and caring for a veteran). Additional information and any questions must be directed to the Benefits Department at the Home Office by calling 1.800.248.TREE, ext. 4271 during normal business hours, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM (EST).
Can I continue my benefits once I leave the company?

You may be eligible to continue existing health benefit coverage if you leave the Company for any reason other than a discharge related to Gross Misconduct. Once your reason for separation from active service has been reported and you are determined eligible for continued coverage under COBRA, you will be sent a COBRA notice and an election application, along with the applicable rates. The completed application must be returned to elect continued coverage. Should you subsequently return to active service, contact your General Foreperson or Supervisor immediately to determine eligibility for re-enrollment under the group health plan. Please direct all COBRA questions to the COBRA Specialist at 1.800.248.TREE, ext. 4345.

Who can I contact about my garnishment or child support payroll deductions?

Any deductions taken from your paycheck are done so only under an Order from the Court. If you feel a garnishment or child support deduction is in error, please contact the issuing Court to resolve any issues. Please note that deductions cannot be stopped without a direct Order from the Court to release the previous Order. Any other questions from employees, agencies and custodial parents should be directed to the ADP Garnishment Services Call Center 1-866-324-5191.

ADP also offers the option to obtain your garnishment or child support details using their Online Portal. You will need the Site ID, which is ATE1. For information on how to use ADP's online portal, please click here.

Arboriculture and Forestry Resources

The International Society of Arboriculture

The International Society of Arboriculture is a worldwide professional organization dedicated to fostering a greater appreciation for trees and to promoting research, technology, and the professional practice of arboriculture.
Tree Care Industry Association

The former National Arborist Association (NAA) is now TCIA. It is a trade association of commercial tree care firms that develops safety and educational programs, standards of tree care practice, and management information for arboriculture firms around the world. The site includes an TCIA Associate Member Search, Standards of Tree Care Practice, How To Hire an Arborist, What Is Arboriculture, Tree Care Statistics, and much more!
Utility Arborist Association

The Utility Arborist Association's mission statement is "to provide UAA members with opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge, and enhance public awareness." UAA is an association of companies that look to enhance the practice and quality of utility arboriculture.
The National Arbor Day Foundation

The National Arbor Day Foundation encourages "tree planting and environmental your own yard and your community...and in your world." This site details the "9 Things You Should Know About Trees," their various nationally recognized programs, and a search of viable trees based on region, tree and soil type, growth rates, and sun exposures. This site also outlines the foundations of Arbor Day (the last Friday in April.)

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