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The Trees, LLC commitment to Health & Safety is so fundamental that we consider it “Who We Are,” and a fundamental part of our business culture. The primary goal is every aspect of our business is to conduct safe operations and to be committed to continuously ensuring a safe workplace for our employees, our customers and the communities in which we work. Our focus on health & safety puts people first and that is the right thing to do - period. Health & safety promotion also makes good business sense. A good strong safety culture and safe work performance reduces hazards and drives cost down, while enhancing productivity and efficiency. When we teach, train, lead and work safely, it is reflected in the care employees’ take of each other, for their equipment, and in every aspect of their work. Safe production is always our primary goal, and we are committed to improving our safety performance at every work site, on every customer’s system and in all the communities we serve.

Trees, LLC employs a sizeable staff of safety supervisors and trainers who support field leadership in ensuring a consistently safe work environment. Our safety team is consistently engaged in site visits and work observations, equipment and tool inspections, administrative safety compliance reviews, DOT compliance training and execution of recurring training programs.

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